Inspiring a Love for Trying New Things –

Let’s face it, children can be stubborn sometimes. Parenting has its challenges, and one of those can be getting kids to try new things. Some children are more open to unknown situations whether it be travel or a new type of food, whereas others are not. This is just the same as adults who prefer to stick to routines while others prefer to branch out and push limits. By teaching kids to try new things early in life, we might lead them down a path that opens them to more opportunities and more diverse perspectives later in life.

Here are a few common scenarios and how we can help kids through the journey of trying new things.

Trying new foods

Meals can be a battle. You might have encountered this at the dinner table last night after you worked so hard on a meal that your son or daughter refused to taste. We have a rule at home that my daughter has to at least try everything once. If the opportunity presents itself, we talk about where certain foods are from. At home, we eat foods from many different parts of the world, using different spices. Whenever she looks skeptical of something we remind her of the deal – that she has to try it. Often, a frown turns into an immediate smile.

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