A former CIA agent’s advice on parenting will make you reconsider the way you raise your kids – Ladders

Christina Hillsberg, along with husband Ryan Hillberg, delivers fun and fresh take on parenting guides perfect for parents looking to navigate the risks around raising a child today.

Amongst all the parents out there who believe themselves qualified to give advice, few can stand out like a pair of CIA agents boasting years of experience under their belt.

In her book, Christina dives into her transformation from a future parent of the ‘helicopter variety’ to one more open to teaching children survival tactics akin to special operatives.

From CIA to parents

License to Parent sees us learning an angle to parenting the general public has never considered. A tip that might turn heads when inundated with the traditional advice around constant surveillance. After all, the author may have been a special agent, but she leads down a different path.

The book begins as an autobiography. We revisit Christina’s past from a typical midwesterner to a potential member of the peace corps to an almost accidental recruit of the Central Intelligence Agency. Her journey to meeting her husband is anything but conventional.

Only after failed romances, Vegas parties, and years obsessing over national security do we meet Ryan, Christina’s eventual husband. Perhaps the story keeps us on this journey for a bit longer than necessary. However, it does drive home one point―Christina did not see herself adopting the beliefs she goes on to evangelize.

What draws the reader into Christina’s story isn’t her parenting style. In truth, it is not originally