Parenting In Focus: Meeting a unique challenge – Sequim Gazette

Having a pandemic has not been easy even for those of us who have been able to avoid getting sick. It has been especially difficult for parents. With the expectation for parents to assume the role of educator, cook, disciplinarian, cheerleader, health care provider, encourager and friend, everyday can be a major challenge.

While many of these roles are expected of parents at any time, right now these tasks are all consuming. This is especially true for moms. While it is hopeful to see expectations for parents going down with the epidemic slightly decreasing. However, we are not yet sure that some of these demands might lessen. We see the variants of COVID-19 that might be increasing and then we aren’t sure things are getting better.

No matter where we are in this pandemic, the job that parents have been doing deserves recognition and applause. It isn’t easy being a parent any time but especially when it has all the expectations that we currently include in being an adequate parent today.

Take a look at what you have been doing and rate yourself honestly. Let’s start with educator. Yes, this can be a full time job. Not only a full time job but one that trained teachers have spent several years learning how to do and now, today, you are being expected to be your child’s teacher.

You have always been expected to be your child’s teacher — and you have been doing it. This is why we call parents