Parenting 101: Local organization offers education to families during awareness month – Asheboro Courier Tribune

Randolph County Partnership for Children encourages parents to educate their children in all aspects at an early age.

At the end of January, Gov. Roy Cooper proclaimed February Parenting Education Awareness Month, to recognize people and organizations that support parents, children and healthy family foundations. 

Local non-profit organizations such as the Randolph County Partnership for Children has helped thousands of county children and families through research, advocacy and education.

Executive Director Lisa Hayworth appreciates the additional awareness that has come with the new announcements because it shines the spotlight on various programs for families in the early education process. 

“Parenting is the most difficult job in the world for so many families due to other stressors that can feel overwhelming,” Hayworth said. “We help families recognize that the challenge is not unique to them, it’s part of the developmental process and is normal.”

According to Hayworth, the pandemic has thrown new curve balls since people are at home. “Togetherness is great but there can be too much togetherness and we try to help parents with the balance, putting the child first and having some peace for themselves. In the role of a parent you also have to take good care of yourself.”

Other issues the institution works with include families being overwhelmed, parents not feeling confident, not knowing how to take care of their first child, or not having the ideal childhood experience.