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Dear Care and Feeding,

In our family, we are very open about sex, gender, and bodies. For example, our 7-year-old has known since toddlerhood where babies come from. I think we missed the boat on one topic, though, and we don’t know how to reverse course. Starting around 2 up until the last year, our daughter was phobic about blood, so much so that the very idea of it would make her freak-the-f*** out. So, to avoid terrorizing her, I hid my period from her. I had hoped to introduce this aspect about our bodies when it came up, but by the time her phobia was resolved at 6, she was no longer walking in on me in the bathroom. I am grateful to have this measure of privacy back in my life, but now I don’t know how it will come up naturally. I don’t want to do the weird awkward “talks” like my mom, but I also don’t want my kid finding out from her peers on the playground or during some poorly executed health class at school about menstruation. How do I broach the topic naturally at this point?